Boulder County News and 9 News, Colorado’s News Leader, both displayed reports about the unfortunate Colorado bus accident in June 2017 resulting in the death of a 61-year-old man and dozens of injuries. Troopers say a blue Subaru heading north went into the southbound lane and hit the bus, which rolled onto its side. The distracted driver, Dillon Mills, was cited for careless driving causing injury, but it is not clear if those charges will change now that there has been a death. The bus was from the Developmental Disabilities Resource Center and was carrying 26 people at the time. No other serious injury was reported however 13 of the passengers had to be transported to the hospital that day. This unfortunate event shows that no matter how careful you are as a driver you cannot control the negligent behavior of others on the road. If you were involved in this terrible accident do you know what you would do next? Do you know who is responsible for personal injury? Would you know to look for a personal injury lawyer in Longmont Colorado? 52% of personal injury cases relate to motor vehicle accidents. It may be in your best interest to call an experienced personal injury attorney who knows the ins and outs of the insurance business and can guide you through such a traumatic and stressful experience. Contacting an attorney who deals with personal injury (especially relating to car accidents) can provide you with the peace of mind needed. Here are some situations for when you should DEFINITELY contact a personal injury lawyer, even for a consultation only. The accident described above definitely warrants a lawyer being involved because there were a death and multiple physical injuries. If after an accident you have broken bones, require hospitalization, or if you have sustained injuries that are likely to be permanent you want to ensure that you get the proper medical care as well as financial compensation for your emotional and physical pain. If you are in physical pain it is that much harder to try and fight for what you deserve legally on your own. The legal world can be complicated and overwhelming. It is quite possible that you may not know all of your rights as an injured party resulting from a car accident. You may also not know how to properly handle negotiations with an insurer. Find a lawyer who has the experience and credentials needed to answer your questions and explain the plan of action so that you understand and agree. For example, the Law Office of Edward Smith, a personal injury lawyer in Longmont Colorado, has over 30 years of experience in personal injury law. Personal injury is one of the most complex areas of law and is full of areas where mistakes can be made. Look for a lawyer, like Edward Smith, that limits his practice to personal injury only. With an experienced lawyer he/she may also be able to give you the best-case and worst-case scenarios with your claim so that there are no unexpected surprises.

The multiple car crash in Colorado is not an isolated incident, and there are plenty of distracted or careless drivers on the road. Did the people involved in the bus crash contact a personal injury lawyer in Longmont Colorado? Did they get the compensation they deserved? Be a safe and prepared driver and know who and what is available to you after a serious car wreck. The accident itself is upsetting enough but the legalities following the event don’t have to be.