About 1 in every 77 people are likely to get in a car accident. Many people agree that flying in an airplane is less risky than getting in a car. These wrecks accounted for less than 2.6 million deaths in the US in 2014. With technology such as self-driving cars, this number is decreasing. However, it’s a scary reality that many of us have to face. Hopefully, you never have to experience a car accident first-hand, but here’s what you can expect if it happens:

  • You might not notice symptoms at first. It may seem like you got out unscathed, but within a few days, new symptoms may appear slowly. If significant pain such as prolonged headaches or unusual bruising appears, seek out medical help. Another common symptom is rapid changes in mood due to the psychological trauma that is endured. It is wise to reach out to a therapist or psychiatrist after a car accident.
  • Physical and mental recovery can vary. Since no two people and no two car accidents are the same, people experience differing processes for recovery. Some people may see results quicker if their injuries or psychological damage is minor. It is still best to seek professional recommendations for recovery.
  • You may rest a lot. Following a car accident, the odds are that you’ll feel tired both physically and mentally. Allowing yourself ample time to sleep and take care of yourself is important to reaching the closest to your previous state of being that you were before the accident. Immediate treatment is recommended regardless of the severity of the accident. It’s also recommended to let yourself find ways to cope with the stress that is healthy and productive.

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