Statistics say that approximately 3.5 people are truck drivers, and have this listed as their main source of employment. Every day on our commutes, we scoot by big rigs in our sedans and SUVs. They’re quite intimidating by nature, but inherently harmless. However, with long hours spent on the road, some truck drivers can cause problems on highways such as drunk-driving accidents. The law says that a driver cannot have a Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) of more than .08% before they are considered to be driving under the influence. Although, especially while on the job, a driver should have a BAC of 0% to completely avoid alcohol-related accidents.


51% of brain injuries are caused by car accidents. Truck accident victims are susceptible to these, as well as very complex fractures and burns. The typical big-rig truck weighs 35,000 pounds on average. A car usually weighs around 2,871 pounds on average, which is 32,129 pounds less than the big-rig. Mathematically, it isn’t difficult to see who would cause more damage in this scenario. Additionally, the speed with which the truck is going can determine the result of the crash. It is much harder to control the speed of any vehicle while under the influence.

What we can do

Thankfully, these accidents are preventable. Most companies that hire truck drivers randomly test them for alcohol consumption. They also have rules put in place against drinking on the clock. Still, accidents do happen, and people can help. If you or someone you know got in an accident as the result of a drunk truck driver, personal injury lawyers are there to guide you through receiving compensation and some peace of mind. There are personal injury lawyers located throughout Texas to help suit your needs for car accident cases. The Law Offices of Edward Smith is located in Longmont and Boulder can help you in your settlement today.