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A Quick Refresher in Bicycle Law

It can be hard to share the road with a bicycle, especially if you drive a rather large car. However, 726 bicyclists were killed because of motor vehicle accidents in 2014. As more people begin bike riding and towns become more bike-friendly, the need for a good car accident attorney is vital. Refreshing ourselves on the law is the best way to prevent these accidents in the first place. Here are some of the basic bicycle laws everyone should know in Colorado. 

Everyone Is Equal

In Colorado, your personal injury lawyer will tell you that every car and bicycle on the road is equal. That means riding on the right side of the road and following all the same laws, regardless of size or speed. If you're riding a bike at an intersection, you must stop along with the rest of traffic, even if there aren't any cars coming from the other direction. That also means that cars must respect bicyclists on the road.

Not Every Road Has a Bike Line

Towns and cities across the country are still developing safer accommodations for bike riders. Unfortunately, there are still a number of roads and intersections that don't have bicycle lanes. Regardless, bicyclists are still expected to ride on the road to prevent injuries from occurring on the sidewalk. As such, car drivers still need to respect the rights of bicyclists on the road, whether there's a bike lane present or not. This could result in serious accident-related injuries should negligent behavior occur. 

Signaling Matters

It seems like using your turn signal is a foreign language to some drivers. Using a turning indicator lets the other cars around you know what you're doing. This can help stop accidents from occurring when used correctly. This is the same for bike riders. Your bicycle doesn't need to be equipped with an electric turning signal (though it does help) but you must know the proper hand signs to make a turn. Use your left arm and refer to the correct signals before riding. 

Trails Are a Little Different

The terrain and wildlife differ from trail to major road so it's important to read up on your trail laws. While riding your bicycle, only go on open trails that are permitted for pedestrian use. You should also be wary of scaring wild animals. Leave no trace and, like riding your bike on the road, wear the proper protective gear. Car accident cases happen and even more, personal injury cases occur. When you need a car accident attorney in Longmont, you can rest assured you're getting quality service with the Law Offices Of Edward Smith. You deserve accident compensation for your injuries; contact your local car accident attorney in Colorado for more information today.