Longmont Personal Injury Attorney
Excellent Legal Services

Excellent Legal Services

This is a testament to the most excellent legal services provided to me by Mr. Edward Smith, Esquire, in settling an injury claim against a major insurance company that was a result of a fall on the property of a local commercial firm.

I chose Mr. Smith as my lawyer after interviewing several candidates because he was the most responsive, the most credible and the most experienced with handling injury claims of my type.

As he explained in my initial meeting with him in his office, at one point in his legal career Mr. Smith assisted insurance companies in defending themselves against claims from injured parties; more recently, he has been quite involved in helping injured parties pursue claims for compensation against insurance companies. As a result, Mr. Smith has extensive experience on “both sides of the legal fence” which gives invaluable insights into the legal tactics/maneuvers that one can expect from insurance companies as well as a good feel for the potential for success (or failure) of a particular claim based on the circumstances surrounding the scope and nature of the injury incurred.

Throughout the process, Mr. Smith was always available and instantly responsive to any and all questions I presented to him, regardless of whether they were delivered in person, on the telephone or via e-mail. Furthermore, his presentations of facts pertaining to my claim’s probability of success, in conjunction with his detailed sage advice on matters that were important but baffling legalese to me, gave me a sense of comfort and confidence. This sense of well-being was only reinforced by his frequent updates on his communications with the insurance company as my claim moved forward.

As a result of his sound legal shepherding of my claim, my insurance providers were fully reimbursed, and I received fair and just compensation for my injury. For any other person seeking to redress a personal injury case, I couldn’t recommend anyone higher for your consideration than Mr. Edward Smith, Esquire.