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What to Expect at Your Pretrial Hearing for Your Accident Related Injury

What to Expect at Your Pretrial Hearing for Your Accident Related Injury

If you’ve recently been in a motor vehicle accident and sustained an accident-related injury, you might want to take your trial to court to get the proper compensation. This could include car damage, injury compensation, and any other issues that occurred when you were injured in an accident. Many of these trials, however, are settled in pretrial hearings. In fact, nearly 96% of personal injury cases are usually settled before the trial at hearings. Here is all you need to know regarding a pretrial hearing for most car accident cases.

What Is a Pretrial Hearing?

A pretrial hearing or conference occurs before the litigants enter the courtroom. It is a meeting where the plaintiff, defendant, judge, and lawyers will sit down to attempt to resolve some of the issues regarding the case. This usually includes smaller claims to focus on the larger issues of the case when and if the trial is brought to court.

What Happens at the Pretrial Hearing?

This is a time where everything is laid on the table. Your personal injury attorney will offer the claims of the plaintiff and the judge will grant or deny motions to certain claims if they are easily resolved. They will save more difficult issues for the actual trial. Many of the issues settled in pretrial can be used in the actual trial that occurs at a later date.

Why Do Pretrial Hearings Occur?

A pretrial meeting will help reduce the costs associated with an often lengthy court battle. Compared to a court hearing, it relies more on negotiation and saves both parties the time and energy from going to court or reducing the time spent in court.

How Do I Get a Favorable Settlement?

The whole point of the pretrial is to avoid a court trial. This means that both parties should try to negotiate terms that are favorable to them. This includes discussing minimum payments for accident-related injuries and settling any car accident lawyer fees. If you’re the plaintiff, you should also discuss whether other forms of compensation other than money are acceptable. When you’re looking for the best personal injury lawyer in Longmont, there’s no better option than the Law Offices Of Edward Smith. They will walk you through processes to get you the compensation you deserve following your accident-related injury.