The fall rainy season is in full swing and drivers everywhere are struggling to manage their vehicle in potentially dangerous conditions. In the event you’re hit, you deserve accident compensation for your injuries.If you aren’t used to driving in the rain, you’re not alone. Here’s how to stay safe while driving under rainy conditions.

Use Your Lights

To avoid sustaining accident-related injuries, always turn on your headlights in inclement weather. State law demands the use of your headlights when there is low visibility. Without them, other drivers may not be able to see you, but many other drivers may forget to turn on their lights if they drove into a weather event. If you notice a driver without their headlights on, simply flash your headlights to let them know that they should turn them on. Otherwise, you might be injured in an accident.

Be Prepared for Road Glare

Headlights are important to see other drivers, but lights from lamps, large trucks, and nearby stores can contribute to road glare. Not only can this lead to distracted driving, but those with poor eyesight might veer into your lane. Be prepared to deal with this hazard by giving other vehicles plenty of space and slowing down when necessary. Which brings us to…

Slow Down

It’s common for drivers to go five miles above the speed limit, but the limit is there for a reason. When driving in rainy conditions, you must go the speed limit. Some people even drive a little under if they’re uncomfortable, and that’s okay. Going slower reduces the risk of hydroplaning, an event where the road is slick and your car loses its traction on the road. This can cause you to lose control or fail to move forward. In the event, you hydroplane, keep your wheel straight and reduce your speed until your car picks up traction again.

Keep the Bike at Home

There are an estimated 184,500 motorcycles registered in Colorado alone. When it rains, however, you should keep the bike inside. Hydroplaning on a bike can result in serious injury. On top of that, motorcycles are harder to see in heavy rain. Call a friend for a ride or rely on public transit if a motorcycle is your only vehicle.Driving in the rain is difficult, but following these tips can reduce negligent behavior and dangerous driving. If you’ve been hurt while driving, you deserve accident compensation for your injuries. Call the Law Offices of Edward Smith to get the accident compensation you deserve.