Longmont Personal Injury Attorney
  • Ed was incredibly attentive, responsive, and kept me in the loop after a bad accident.
    Ed was incredibly attentive, responsive, and kept me in the loop after a bad accident. Every question or problem I had was met with a litany of solutions, and he showed great care to get me the most out of my settlement. I'm a single gal, trying to find my way in the world, and after a traumatic motorcycle accident I needed a knight in shining armor to fight this battle for me! He not only explained the usual course of this matter to me, but offered to speak to my father, brothers, and attorney friends to be sure that I was taken care of. Ed gave sound advice about navigating doctor's appointments, how to approach the criminal charges of the person who hit me, life advice, and even what to do with my settlement. I can't recommend him enough!

    - Lizzy B

  • We Were Rear-Ended By An 18-Wheeler and Hired Ed to Help Us.
    We were rear-ended by an 18-wheeler and hired Ed to help us. During a time when we weren't sure what to do, Ed helped bring clarity to the situation. He was kind, patient, responsive and informative throughout the entire process and he fought for our case. We highly recommend Ed Smith.

    - Brooke Johnston

  • Called Me Back Within Minutes
    I hired Mr. Smith after I was injured in a car accident. He took care of everything which was a big relief. I got a settlement that was way more than what I expected. Whenever I called him, he either answered his phone or called me back within minutes. That's unheard of.

    - David B.

  • Excellent Legal Services
    This is a testament to the most excellent legal services provided to me by Mr. Edward Smith, Esquire, in settling an injury claim against a major insurance company that was a result of a fall on the property of a local commercial firm. I chose Mr. Smith as my lawyer after interviewing several candidates because he was the most responsive, the most credible and the most experienced with handling injury claims of my type. As he explained in my initial meeting with him in his office, at one point in his legal career Mr. Smith assisted insurance companies in defending themselves against claims from injured parties; more recently, he has been quite involved in helping injured parties pursue claims for compensation against insurance companies. As a result, Mr. Smith has extensive experience on "both sides of the legal fence" which gives invaluable insights into the legal tactics/maneuvers that one can expect from insurance companies as well as a good feel for the potential for success (or failure) of a particular claim based on the circumstances surrounding the scope and nature of the injury incurred. Throughout the process, Mr. Smith was always available and instantly responsive to any and all questions I presented to him, regardless of whether they were delivered in person, on the telephone or via e-mail. Furthermore, his presentations of facts pertaining to my claim's probability of success, in conjunction with his detailed sage advice on matters that were important but baffling legalese to me, gave me a sense of comfort and confidence. This sense of well-being was only reinforced by his frequent updates on his communications with the insurance company as my claim moved forward. As a result of his sound legal shepherding of my claim, my insurance providers were fully reimbursed, and I received fair and just compensation for my injury. For any other person seeking to redress a personal injury case, I couldn't recommend anyone higher for your consideration than Mr. Edward Smith, Esquire.

    - Charlotte M.

  • Truly Outstanding
    If we could give Edward more than 5 stars, we would! Edward is extremely knowledgeable and diligent in his work. He has exceptional communication skills, and he actually cares about his clients and gives a remarkable amount of personal attention to your case (we could always get in touch with him). He is truly outstanding at what he does and we simply cannot thank him enough. We recommend him to anyone and everyone!

    - Melissa T.

  • The Right Man at the Right Time
    After sustaining multiple injuries in a motorcycle accident, I knew I needed the best legal help available. I found that help with Ed Smith, a man with wisdom and vast experience, who was always available to answer my questions and concerns and was able to bring my case to the very best possible conclusion.

    - Stuart H.

  • More Money Than I Expected
    Mr. Smith handled my accident claim and did a great job. He got me way more money than I expected. He was professional and always there to help me.

    - Former Client

  • I Would Use Him Again in an Instant!
    I'm really glad I chose Mr. Smith as my lawyer after being hurt in a car accident. He was always there when I had questions and kept me up to date throughout my case. All I wanted was my medical bills paid but he got me far more than I could have imagined. I would use him again in an instant!

    - Taylor F.

  • Kept My House With Money Left Over
    I can't say enough about Mr. Smith. The insurance company denied my claim and he went to work for me. After a long battle, he won and I was able to keep my house and pay all of my bills and still had money left over.

    - Christopher P.

  • Edward Really Cares!
    Edward was my attorney and he was fantastic! I hired him after being frustrated by my doctors who just didn't seem to understand why my ankle was hurting so badly after a car accident. They basically told me I was exaggerating my pain. Edward sat me down and went through all of my symptoms. He told me he thought I had CRPS which I had never heard of. He had me see a doctor in Denver who sure enough diagnosed what Edward thought I had. My doctor was wonderful and was able to really help me. I wouldn't have found him had I not hired Edward. When my case finally settled I got way more than I ever thought I would. More importantly, though I got the medical treatment I really needed. Edward really cares!

    - Rosie A.

  • Got Help With No Health Insurance
    I hired Mr. Smith after talking to the insurance company and finding out they didn't think I was really hurt. I didn't have health insurance but Mr. Smith was able to get me the medical help I needed. He made sure I understood what was going on all the time and I would definitely use him again.

    - Derrick D.

  • Extremely Supportive and Knowledgeable
    Edward has been AWESOME throughout this process. I got in an accident back in August and had no idea how lengthy and complicated the process could be. He has been extremely supportive and knowledgeable and helped me stay focused throughout the *almost* year long settlement.

    - Hannah W.

  • I Got the Best Outcome Possible for My Case
    Dealing with a car accident is very difficult. It was such a relief to be able to hand over all the details to Edward, allowing me to focus on my recovery from my injuries. He is knowledgeable about how the at-fault insurance works, so was able to advise me on decisions, despite the unfair games the at-fault insurance likes to play. Edward was understanding when I expressed how weary I was and wanted to settle early, (before I was done with physical therapy) but encouraged me to not give up yet, as a better outcome was available to me if I was patient. When the time came that I should settle, he gave great advice that helped me decide when to accept the settlement offer or hold out for a better one. I never felt rushed working with Edward and always felt he had time for my questions. He also made his cell number available and was very timely in any correspondence we had. It was also great that he was here in my own town of Longmont, saving me travel time. I believe I got the best outcome possible for my case.

    - Jennifer S.

  • Made a Stressful Process Extremely Easy
    After doing my research for a personal injury attorney I found Ed, and my experience holds true to all his previous 5-star reviews. If you want someone who is truly on your side, will take the time to explain the process, and knows how to get stuff done, Ed is the best choice! Dealing with insurance providers was a nightmare but having Ed on my side made everything so much smoother. He took time to have multiple conference calls with myself and providers, had excellent recommendations for who to see to get myself healthy again, and made a stressful process extremely easy. At the end of the day, the service Ed provided for me could never be matched by anyone else.

    - M. Darmofal